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Friday, 9 March 2012

Sexy Serpents

Given there hasn't been much sexy metal clothing releases this week, I thought I'd do a feature of the one thing I love most: snakes, serpents, dragons and all other things slithery.

As usual, we start with the utterly unobtainable, but almost sadly always the best (sigh).

Shoe Sculpture "gargoyle"

Dragon shoe. Unfortunately this one is a sculpture! So even if you could afford it, you can't wear it! such is the way of the world...

Steel boned Corset made with snakeskin faux leather leatherette fabric, embroidered, Swarovski crystals and feather corset

Faux snakeskin corset from the Imaginarium Emporium on Etsy
Black Feather, Studded, PVC Leatherette Cape with shoulder pads

again from the Imaginarium Emporium (I know its not serpentine but hey)...

the Ralph Lauren dragon dress

Snake dress by Iris van Herpen

Lanvin snake print dress

To the FAR LESS exciting to the affordable. I just don't know why no one has yet bothered to make a super sexy snake print dress, that isn't with snakeskin print. Surely the buggers look better alive than dead?
Fortunately, I was able to find a few things I wouldn't mind getting my hands on.

Confuzzled snake tee by River Island. How could you not love that. Available for £16 at River Island:

Black, Red, and Ivory Snakeskin Cuff with Snake Head - by UNEARTHED

Real cobra bangle. Available for USD 175 on Etsy:

Latex dragon dress. Available for USD 500 at Dawnamatrix:

Image 1 of ASOS Snake Mitten
Adorable snake mittens from Asos. Available for £12:

Mimco dragon ring. Available for £59 at House of Fraser:,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=ShopStyle-_-Accessories-_-Jewellery-_-Dragon+Ring

John Hardy leather and silver dragon bracelet. Available for £219.52 at Saks Fifth Avenue:

Silver Dragon Guardian Ear Wrap

Sterling silver dragon ear wrap. Available at Etsy for USD 159:


Dragon dress by Shrine of Hollywood. Available for USD 119:

Get literally snake eyes with Colouron Professional's snake eyeshadow. Available for £25 at:

Jeffrey Campbell snake shoes. Available at Solestruck:

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