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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Grunge N Tats

So now that I'm back and lurking around all the stores again, couldn't help but do another post of all the amazing (although not usually my cup of tea, owing to it being WAY too teeny) tat fashion that has been coming out. Here below are some of the weeks best tat fashion must haves: owing ironically, to their subtlety. the best of bunch coming from the amazing US brand Too Fast, which has finally made it over here thanks to Violent Delights on Ebay.

Too Fast skeleton print shoes. Available at Violent Delights on Ebay for £59.99:

Too Fast rockabilly octopus shoes (or should I say octopussy?). Available at Violent Delights on Ebay for £57.99:

Again. Too Fast rockabilly/vintage print shoes with an amazing switchblade heel. Available at Violent Delights on Ebay for £59.99:

Too Fast "Unitard" Bowling Bag, which according to the website, is supposed to be a vomiting unicorn, which of course, would vomit rainbows and stars had it had a bit too much to drink. Lame, but you got to love it.  Available for £34.99 on Ebay:

Unfortunately, if you want the t-shirt, you'll have to get it all the way from the states...Available on Ebay for £18:

For those of you who aren't already fans. Some tattoo inspired prong jewellery. Available for £60 at Prong:
Image 1 of Nail Rock Tattoo Print Nail Wraps
Nail Rock Tattoo nail wraps. I don't know about you, but I am loving the flames. Available for £6.70 at Asos:

Mirror tats anyone? Probably slightly unrelated, but awesome. "The Fairest Shoe in Black Suede and Clear Silver" by the Shoe Boutique. Available for USD 86.00 at Karmaloop:
DONT BE KOI hand painted heels - size 9

Hand painted Koi shoes from HeartonSleeve Art on Etsy. Amazing. but in a size 9!!!:

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